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Musical Fiction
Featured Collection June 2009

Despite the controversy around the origin of "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture," there is a strong element of truth about it albeit the thousands of writers who keep the book section of the Music Department quite full! On the other hand, musical fiction, located in the general fiction section on the first floor of the Main Library, isn’t much better than other writings about music in conveying the meaning of music per se, but stories about musicians and how music etches itself into their lives sometimes comes a little closer. For those willing to venture forth in this area, there are enough titles to keep you busy for many years!

Here are a few titles to whet your appetite ---- Enjoy!

Adam, Paul
The Rainaldi Quartet (2004)
Begins with the murder of a violin maker.
Arkin, Frieda
Hedwig and Berti (2005)
An unlikely marriage, a move from Germany to Kansas, and the piano.
Drucker, Eugene
The Savior (2007)
A violinist in a concentration camp.
Fulmer, David
Jass (2005)
New Orleans, Storyville, 1909, 4 jazz musicians found dead.
Galloway, Janice
Clara (2002)
Clara Schumann: wife of Robert Schumann, concert pianist, mother, editor and composer.
Galloway, Steven
The Cellist of Sarajevo (2008)
how music affects our emotional endurance
Gur, Batya
Murder Duet: A Musical Case (1999)
a superb murder mystery
Hunnicutt, Ellen
Suite for Calliope: A Novel of Music and the Circus (1987)
Author is past winner of Drue Heinz Literature Prize.
Moody, Bill
Looking for Chet Baker (2002)
Amsterdam, the mystery of Baker’s death, and a missing person.
Seth, Vikram
An Equal Music (1999)
Chamber music, a young violinist, and Vienna.
Zabor, Rafi
The Bear Comes Home (1997)
Pen Faulkner Award winner; The bear is the world’s coolest jazz player.