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New Age Music?
Featured Collection June 2009

-- or Ambient, Biomusic, Celtic Fusion, Chamber Jazz, Chillout, Contemporary Instrumental, Electro-Acoustic, Meditation Music, Neo-Classical, Space Music, Techno-Tribal, Transmillenial...

Whatever style you like, and whatever you call it, New Age music is less about the melody and more about the textures and feelings that the music creates. While commonly associated with spiritual or meditational themes, there are many performers who take the music in non-spiritual directions. Following is a small sample of the CDs available to check out in our "New Age" section.

Jim Donovan
Pulse: Music for Exploration Volume 2
The drummer of the Pittsburgh band "Rusted Root" uses organic trance hand-drums, quartz crystal bowls, bansuri flutes and other instruments to take the listener in what Donovan calls an "exploration of consciousness."
COMPACT DISC Na Eny #26554
Chant singing, classical motifs and synthesized instruments from one of Irelandís most popular singers.
Jonathan Goldman
COMPACT DISC Na Gol #25725
Created for the opening of the holistic night club, "Spirit of New York," Goldman combines dance music with sacred sounds to explore the seven chakras (spiritual centers) of the body.
Michael Hedges
The Best of Michael Hedges
COMPACT DISC Na Hed #20567
An innovative solo guitarist whose use of harmonics and picking creates the impression of multiple guitars.
David Lanz
Romantic: the Ultimate David Lanz Narada Collection
COMPACT DISC Na Lan #29444
A retrospective of pieces by the one of the most popular pianists in the contemporary instrumental style.