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Food in World Literature

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Armstrong, Alison
The Joyce of Cooking : Food & Drink from James Joyce's Dublin
TX717.5 .A76 1986
Recipes for over 200 dishes mentioned in the writings of James Joyce, including Jugged Hare, Combustible Duck, and Bubble and Squeak.
Asala, Joanne
Celtic Folklore Cooking
TX717.2.A83 1998
If you are interested in Celtic folk tales, pick up this volume on traditional customs and foods of Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland and England. A folktale, proverb or saying accompanies most recipes.
Black, Maggie
The Jane Austen Cookbook
r TX717 .B536 1995
Based on recipes from the Georgian period of England that the Austen family would have enjoyed.
Borrel, Anne
Dining with Proust (Proust, la cuisine retrouvée)
q TX719 .B673613 1992
Proust may have been an invalid restricted to a cork-lined room but he could conjure up all sorts of food memories from his childhood. Anne Borrel offers some recipes for dishes he mentioned.
Brand, Sean
Literary Feasts: Inspired eating from classic fiction
PN56.F59 B73 2006x
Drawn from the works of Dickens, Chekhov, Christina Rosetti, Louisa May Alcott, Shakespeare, and more, these eating scenes will inspire even the most jaded of palates. It includes a bounty of ideas on how readers can dress up, prepare the food, and make memorable occasions.
Crick, Mark
Kafka's Soup: A complete history of world literature in 14 recipes
TX714.C745 2005x
Literary ventriloquist Mark Crick presents 14 recipes in the voices of famous writers, from Homer to Virginia Woolf to Irvine Welsh. Guaranteed to delight anyone in love with food and books, these witty pastiches will keep readers so entertained in the kitchen that they'll be sorry when the guests arrive.
Grossman, Anne Chotzinoff
Lobscouse and Spotted Dog: Which It's a Gastronomic Companion to the Aubrey/Maturin Novels
TX714.G77 1997
If you saw the movie Master and Commander, you might want to read the historical novel upon which it is based by Patrick O'Brian. Then you can appreciate this collection of recipes taken from that period of the Napoleonic wars.
O'Mara, Veronica Jane and Fionnuala O'Reilly
A Trifle, a Coddle, a Fry : an Irish Literary Cookbook
TX717.5 .O46 1993
Each chapter is devoted to an Irish author and his/her characteristic dishes. For the vegetarian George Bernard Shaw there is pinhead oatmeal porridge and vegetable goose with ibsen sauce; for James Joyce a Bloomsday breakfast and roast goose; for Samuel Beckett sticky buns and gooseberry fool.
Olsen, Kirstin
Cooking with Jane Austen
TX717.O67 2005
Kirstin Olsen has researched each dish mentioned by Jane Austen and come up with recipes from period cookbooks. She gives the original recipe and then offers a modern substitute since some of the ingredients, like cowheel, are hard to come by...
Rogov, Daniel
Rogues, Writers and Whores: Dining with the Rich and Infamous, or A Stock of Scrumptious Stories from the Centuries (with scores and scores of Recipes)
TX631.R6725 2007x
"Throughout history, numerous famous and infamous men and women have contributed in their sometimes perverted but always intriguing ways to the world of gastronomy. The stories of those people, their culinary habits and the dishes either created by them, named after them or cherished by them, are the subject of this book."
Rosenblatt, Julia Carlson
Dining with Sherlock Holmes: a Baker Street Cookbook
TX717 .D56 1990x
Rosenblatt arranges the recipes by menus, beginning with the hearty English breakfast. You'll find classic English food here: bubble and squeak, beefsteak and kidney pie, marmalade, Cornish pasty, cucumber sandwiches.
Toklas, Alice B.
The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book
TX719.T6 1998
Toklas's rich mixture of menus and memories of meals shared with such famous friends as Wilder, Picasso, and Hemingway, originally published in 1954.
Wolfe, Linda
The Literary Gourmet: Menus from Masterpieces
TX725.A1 W584 1989
Linda Wolfe has collected period recipes for dishes mentioned in literary masterpieces like Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and Cervantes' Don Quixote. You'll have to adapt them yourself for the modern kitchen!