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Raw Foods

The premise of the raw food (living food) diet is that heating foods destroys valuable enzymes and nutrients. To learn more, check out the Wikipedia article on Raw Foodism. Most of us cannot imagine subsisting on a diet of completely raw foods, yet we are great fans of raw salads. Check out these resources for incorporating more raw foods into your diet.


Selected Books

Chavez, Gabrielle
The Raw Food Gourmet: Going Raw for Total Well-Being
TX741.C464 2005
Begins with the "The Art of Raw Gourmet" which covers dehydrating, fermenting, marinating, sprouting, and other tools and methods to get you started. The recipes have intriguing names that make your want to try them, like Sangria Summer Soup with Frozen Nut Cream and Raw Copycat Burger With Fixings.
The Complete Book Of Raw Food: Healthy, Delicious Vegetarian Cuisine Made With Living Foods, includes over 375 recipes from the world's top raw food chefs
Julie Rodwell & June Eding, editors.
TX741.C653 2008x
This is a revised edition that includes step-by-step instructions on how to set up the raw pantry, easy-to-follow techniques for handling and preserving raw food through sprouting and dehydrating, and expert advice on how to choose ingredients and equipment.
Daniel, Peter
TX837.D2214 2011
Rawlicious: Delicious Raw Recipes for Radiant Health
Eager to show that a diet that includes a high percentage of raw foods is not difficult to achieve, chefs Peter and Beryn Daniel of South Africa created this accessible cookbook and guide to raw kitchen basics.
Davis, Brenda and Vesanto Melina
Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets
RM237.5.D38 2010
If you don't believe in raw milk, eggs, and oysters, here's the all-vegan raw diet using fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.
Katz, Sandor Ellix, 1962-
Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, And Craft Of Live-Culture Foods
TP371.44.K37 2003
There are many types of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchee and miso, not to mention beer and wine. Check out Sandor's website at
Kenney, Matthew
Everyday Raw Express: Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less
TX837.K4644 2011
"Everyday Raw Express" offers soups, smoothies, pastas, wraps, and more all prepared in 30 minutes or less.
Mikanowski, Lyndsay and Patrick Mikanowski
q TX392.M55 2005
This coffee table book with photographs by Grant Symon and elaborate, sophisticated recipes includes raw fish and meat as well as raw fruits and vegetables.
Montgomery, Lisa
Raw Garden: Over 100 Healthy and Fresh Raw Recipes
TX391.M68 2011
Whether you’re new to gardening or have been doing it for years, Raw Garden will help you create dishes based on ingredients found in your garden by sharing simple raw food recipes for you to try.
Montgomery, Lisa
Raw Potluck: Over 100 Simply Delicious Raw Dishes for Everyday Entertaining
TX392.M75 2011
You're a raw foodie and you don't know what to take to a potluck dinner? Raw Potluck can help you out!
Phyo, Ani
Ani's Raw Food Asia: Easy East-West Fusion Recipes the Raw Food Way
TX724.5.A1 P49 2011
Along with recipes from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and Hawaii and background information on traditional dishes, Ani's Raw Food Asia also offers essential tips on green living, well-being, longevity, fitness, beauty, and entertaining as inspired by a healthy Asian lifestyle.
Phyo, Ani
Ani's Raw Food Essentials: Recipes and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Live Food
TX741.P486 2010
Ani Phyo is a Korean-Californian American and a big proponent of the health aspects of raw food. She has also written Ani's Raw Food Desserts and Ani's Raw Food Kitchen.
Safron, Jeremy
The Raw Truth: Recipes and Resources for the Living Foods Lifestyle
TX741.S24 2011
Raw foods pioneer Jeremy A. Safron explains in simple terms how life promotes life with a raw diet. When vital enzymes essential to digestion have not been destroyed by heat or processing, the uncooked foods provide our bodies with energy and nutrition quickly and efficiently, leading to enhanced vitality, increased detoxification, and improved well-being.
Trotter, Charlie & Roxanne Klein
q TX837.T783 2003
Charlie Trotter complicates raw food into highly sophisticated dishes. He uses a lot of parsnips as a meat/grain substitute and many of the recipes require a dehydrator and a juicer. These recipes are not for weeknight meals but for impressing company.


Raw: The Living Food Diet
(DVD) RM237.5.R37935 2005x
The first program presents various arguments for adopting the raw foods vegan diet. The second program demonstrates the preparation of a number of raw foods dishes.

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