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Genealogy Resources on the World Wide Web
A Note on the Quality of Information

If a novice in exploring and exploiting the resources of the World Wide Web, you will quickly come to the conclusion that there is a vast amount of information on every imaginable topic. There is no guarantee that the information you will find on the sites which you will visit is accurate and reliable information. The sites posted on this Genealogy Resources page have not been evaluated. They have been provided simply to help you in your navigation of the Web by giving you a base to return to and orient yourself from.

Please be aware that:

  • The content of each site is the sole responsibility of the creator of that site.
  • Many sites will duplicate information found elsewhere on the Web.
  • Some sites may require a fee to access the information that they provide.
  • You should evaluate the reputation of a commercial site--through searching the Web or newsgroups or through the firsthand experiences of others--before committing your money.
  • Security on the Web is far from perfect and you should use caution before sending off your credit card number to a commercial site.
  • The organization of many sites is dependent on the organizational skills of the creator. If a site is confusing and difficult to navigate, it is very likely not your fault.
  • Despite what you may have heard, everything is not available on the Web. You will still need to consult books, microfilm and other sources to make your search meaningful and worthwhile.