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Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group LLC

Other names: NPAG

75 Summit Street
Newton, MA 02458

Telephone: 617-527-9661
Web Site:


Laura Gassner Otting
75 Summit Street
Newton, MA 02458
Telephone: 617-527-9661

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No. of staff: 1-3
No. of volunteers/interns: 0
Classification: For Profit
Year started: 2002
Fees for services: yes

Fee Description: By taking advantage of your networks and knowledge and offering our experience and strength, the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group can provide a cost-effective method of completing your current search. We allow our clients to contract with us for the full suite of services or let them pick a la carte.

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Service Description

Services offered by the consultants in this directory to non-profit organizations: Service, Training, Volunteers.

Services Provided:


Management/Leadership Development - Service  

Social Entrepreneurship - Service  

Staff/Team Development - Service  

Other Services:

None Listed

Mission/Statement of Purpose:

The Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group was founded from the simple notion that every organization, regardless of its budget or geographic footprint can better fulfill its mission with a highly-tailored, innovative, and strategic approach to acquiring and retaining its most important resource: talent.

Designed to operate with ‘new economy’ savvy, the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group unbundles traditional executive search and leadership transition packages and offers sophisticated services tailored to our clients’ various needs. We are committed to passing along our knowledge throughout our process so that our clients’ internal capacity and independence is enhanced.

We work worldwide with mission-driven client organizations in the nonprofit, academic, and public sectors, as well as with the job seekers who serve them. For organizations, we offer executive search and leadership transition services. For candidates, we provide leadership development, job search strategy creation, and resume/cover letter assistance. For both organizations and candidates, we supply professional and organizational development in person through our customized training programs and online with our groundbreaking, complimentary “NPAG U” webinar series.

Our team members are personally dedicated to our clients’ missions and together offer more than 40 years of executive search experience in addition to the wealth of perspective, expertise, and networks they offer from previous careers in the nonprofit, academic, public, political, and private sectors.

Annual Programs/Events:

NPAG has just started their own series of articles and webinars for nonprofit organizations and another series for jobseekers.

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Geographic Scope

Services are available to organizations in the following geographic areas:

City of Pittsburgh
Allegheny County
Southwestern Pennsylvania
Western Pennsylvania
West Virginia
New York

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Recent Clients

None Listed

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Additional Information

None listed

Entered: 12/14/2008
Last Revised: 1/2/2009