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Location: Oliver Room,
Pittsburgh Music Archives #37
Box #7


  1. From the PITTSBURGH DISPATCH of January 24, 1897, article titled “Nothing Like it in the Country” in which manager George H. Wilson speaks about the Carnegie Music Hall and its mission which “stands without parallel.” Interviewer, Grace Mercedes McElroy, states in early paragraph: “Pittsburgh, being in proud possession of the only edifice in the country dedicated solely and absolutely to the cause of music….”

  2. From the PITTSBURGH LEADER of December 1, 1901, article titled “Mr. Wilson is a Very Busy Man – The Trials, Vexations and Pleasures of an Impresario’s Career.” Coincidently, on the same page is an article titled “Traffic from the Suburbs” which states that 156,000 people commute to this city daily. “In other words, Pittsburgh’s population between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. is fully 500,000 souls. When the travelers mentioned leave for their homes outside the city, the tide of population ebbs down to 330,000 or so, the figures as given by the last decennial census.”

  3. Correspondence to and from George H. Wilson
    1. From Walter Damrosch (conductor, Metropolitan Opera of New York)
    2. Recommendation from James Furber to George Pullman on behalf of George Wilson in support of his application for the position of Business Head of the Department of Music of the World’s Fair (dated September 1, 1891).
    3. Letters from C. Saint-Saëns in Paris to George Wilson dated 1892.
    4. Correspondence between Wilson and USA consulate General in Rome regarding the Sistine Chapel Choir performing at the World Exposition in Chicago (1893).
    5. Letters from industrialists:
      • John Caldwell, Westinghouse Air Brake Co,
      • Andrew Carnegie. New York
      • Henry C. Frick, Pittsburgh
      • Charles M. Schwab, president, United States Steel Corp, New York City
    6. Letter from composers and other musicians:
      • G. W. Chadwick of Boston
      • George Chickering
      • Arthur Foote of Boston
      • George Henschel (England)
      • G. Schirmer
      • John Philip Sousa
      • Arthur Sullivan (England)
    7. Family
      • Charles Lunt DeNormandie
    8. Miscellaneous correspondence (various)

  4. Notice of marriage of Margaret Wilson (daughter) to Edward Brown Lee in September 1906