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Location: Oliver Room,
Pittsburgh Music Archives #37
Box #9


Beginning 1898

  1. Folder of The Art Society of Pittsburgh: Season 1898-99 – Celebrating the 25th Anniversary

  2. Articles from the PRESS of November 8 [1898] announcing a dinner party where Andrew Carnegie discloses to the Trustees some of his plans for the Carnegie Library and Institute, including its enlargement, which should be part of one structure in the form of a quadrangle.

  3. Announcement of the sudden death of 14-year old Dorothea Blanchard Wilson, youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George H. Wilson, on March 6, 1899 at the family home in Shields, PA.

  4. Programs of the First Season in Pittsburgh of Opera at the Grand Opera House by the Maurice Grau Opera Co. from New York City on April 17, 1899.

  5. Numerous copies of programs from The Pittsburgh Orchestra seasons and Grand Opera performances at the Duquesne Garden are included in this collection (beginning 1901).

  6. Total expenses and receipts of the Pittsburgh Orchestra for seasons beginning in 1900 can also be found.

  7. Full-page article in The Pittsburgh POST of March 3, 1901 titled “Frew, Herbert, Wilson – Aggressive trio who in conjunction with public-spirited guarantors are bringing musical fame to Pittsburgh through its splendid orchestra.”

  8. Article from Musical Courier, a New York journal, reprinted in part in Pittsburgh LEADER on July 14, 1901, stated that George Wilson would be replaced as manager of the Pittsburgh Orchestra by Frederick M. Ranken, friend of Victor Herbert (Director of Pittsburgh Orchestra). Wilson denies it is “untrue, sensational and misleading character.”

  9. Flyers, invitations, programs from the Grand Opera in Music Hall, Cincinnati [Ohio] for the opera season of April 1903 as presented by the Maurice Grau Opera Co. [New York], George H. Wilson manager.

  10. Newspaper articles/reviews by George Wilson about opera in London and Paris during his 1903 visits there.