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BLAST Early Learning Parent Spotlight:
Social Studies

Young children are beginning to learn about the world they live in, their place in it, and the importance of respecting others. In school, your child will learn about history, geography, and simple economic concepts. Listed are a few activities you can do with your child, so that your child is ready to understand and appreciate these concepts.

  • Kids like to use their imaginations and play guessing games that triggers "when I was your age" answers.
  • How your family elders arrived in this country is a story children love to hear. If grandparents and great grandparents are nearby, encourage them to tell these stories.
  • As children grow, family traditions offer them security and a sense of individuality. Sharing the origins of your traditions gives them a deeper understanding of why these traditions are so special.
  • Showing old family photographs always ignites animated discussions.
  • Get together with another child and his or her parents. Let the children tell each other about things their families like to do together.
  • Find books at the library that are about workers in the community. Talk about each worker's job and its importance.
  • Help your child save a little money to shop with. Go to the store together. Let him or her pick out an inexpensive item and pay for it.
  • Describe a job that someone could have in your community and ask your child to name it. "Who works in a fire station and rides on a truck with a long hose?"
  • Talk about ways to move on land, sky, and water.
  • Take a walk down your street. Look at the traffic signs and talk about what they mean. Notice how they are the same or different. Count the signs on your street.