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BLAST Early Learning
Animals in the Woods


Horácek, Petr
Look Out, Suzy Goose
All the geese were honking--except for Suzy Goose. Suzy is different; Suzy longs for peace and quiet. So she sets off for the woods to find some. Meanwhile, a stealthy fox sets off to find some dinner--followed by a hungry wolf and bear.
Kulka, Joe
Wolf's Coming!
A scary story with a cozy ending is always shivery fun for reading to young preschoolers many times over.
Keller, Holly
Help!: A Story of Friendship
Mouse hears a rumor that snakes do not like mice and while trying to avoid his former friend, Snake, he falls into a hole from which neither Hedgehog, Squirrel, nor Rabbit can help him out.

Open-ended Questions for Look Out, Suzy Goose

  • Why do you think that Suzy Goose wanted to find a quiet place?
  • What do you do when you want to find a quiet place?

Literacy Activity :

Reader’s Theater

After reading through Silly Suzy Goose once or twice, act it out with your class. It helps the kids remember the story, and stay engaged with the book! Plus, it’s a lot of fun!


Movement Activity :

Bear Hunt

Get the “Going on a Bear Hunt” CD to act out with the kids. There are several versions—the book on CD by Michael Rosen, and also a version on a Greg and Steve's Kids in Action CD. Use whichever one you like best!  You can even watch Michael Rosen act out his beloved book on YouTube!


Vocabulary Word:

alone: adj. All by yourself

“Peace and quiet, thought Suzy. It’s nice to be alone. But Suzy Goose was not alone.”  (taken from Look Out, Suzy Goose by Petr Horácek)



Make a collage out of things that you find in the woods—sticks, leaves, rocks, etc.

Make a large collage on the wall where you have painted large trees on butcher paper. The kids can draw, paint, and create all different animals on paper, and add it to the wall collage. You can talk about what each animal eats, and make sure that you add those things to the collage.

Go on a nature walk and find some things in the outdoors. See if you can spot any creatures while you’re out!

Talk with your students about the different animals that live in the woods. Discuss their habitats and the foods that they eat. Do they hibernate? Do they live in a tree? …on the ground? … in the ground?

Tangram Animals - Make animals out of tangrams

Math: Graphing
Put up a graph with different animals, and let the kids graph which animal they would most like to be. Then talk to them about their choices, and why they chose the one they did.



Banks, Kate
Pictures by Georg Hallensleben
A baby fox anticipates the time when he can go out alone, but first his parents must teach him the ways of the wilderness.
Brett, Jan
Annie and the Wild Animals
When Annie's cat disappears, she attempts friendship with a variety of unsuitable woodland animals, but with the emergence of spring, everything comes right.
Gravett, Emily
When a young rabbit checks out a library book about wolves, he learns much more about their behavior than he wanted to know.
Rosen, Michael
We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
Brave bear hunters go through grass, a river, mud, and other obstacles before the inevitable encounter with the bear forces a headlong retreat.