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BLAST Early Learning Teacher Spotlight
Local Thematic Unit

The listed lessons were donated from local preschool teachers so that we may share amongst each other some exciting new lessons.


We learned and sang songs about various jobs that included police officers, mail carriers, and doctors. We read stories; such as Community Helpers, and Going to the Dentist. The children loved acting out several jobs while playing in the dramatic play area.

Ms. Williams

Heavenly Care Daycare


I like to mix colors (paint) to show children how colors are made. I start with the three primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and then add white for pastels.

Mix red and blue to make purple.

Mix blue and yellow to make green.

Mix yellow and red to make orange.

Mix red and white to make pink.

Mix white with all.

Mix black and white to make gray.

Ms. Char

Brightside Academy 415 Smithfield Street


Crazy Putty

Ms. LaShawn

Brightside Academy Penn Avenue


I Spy

It smells like…

Ms. LaShawn

Brightside Academy Penn Avenue

Show and Tell

One of my favorite activities to do with my students is Show and Tell every week on Thursdays! I save it for the last thing to do after circle time!

Ms. Akenna

Brightside Academy 415 Smithfield Street


Hand Print Collage

Painting with Ice

Ms. LaShawn

Brightside Academy Penn Avenue


Alphabet Bingster (Twister Game)

Using our alphabet carpet, each student gets 2 to 3 letters. When I call a letter, the student with the letter has to put their hand or foot on the letter. The first to have their letters gone yells "BINGSTER". Students switch letters and the game begins again.

Ms. Mary

Brightside Academy Penn Avenue

Spring Into Spring

Art - Mixing paint for spring and paining a rainbow.

Music - Using instruments and dancing to "Splash, Splash."

Enrichment - All Kinds of Children by Norma Simon

Ms. Karen

Brightside Academy Penn Avenue

Science and Sensory

Prepare different foods with different smells and textures. Blindfold the children. Have them use their senses to guess what the food is.  Next - let them taste the food. Take blindfold off to see if they guessed right. This is fun, using your senses and having a great snack!!

Ms. Keisha

Hug Me Tight Child Life Center