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BLAST Early Learning Teacher Spotlight:
Print Motivation

Print Motivation is having an interest in and an enjoyment of books.

Research has found that children who are more fluent and positive about reading came from parent-child pairs who viewed reading as fun and encouraged questions and humor while reading. Children who learn from their parents that literacy is a source of enjoyment may be more motivated to persist in their efforts to learn to read despite difficulties they may encounter.

Having pretend reading sessions, attempting to identify words and letters on T-shirts and cereal boxes, and playing with educational toys were reported by parents as important activities in which their children engaged with print.

Sample Activities:

  • Model the fun of reading and of playing with language.
  • Enjoy the book and interaction yourself.
  • Keep children involved.
  • Have children and adults join in at appropriate parts.
  • Choral reading with a big book is especially good with parents of young children.
  • Use non-fiction.
  • Have a comfortable setting where adults and children share time talking and looking at books together.