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Pittsburgh Iron & Steel Heritage Collection - Lesson Plans

Pittsburgh Iron & Steel Heritage Collection is a digital collection of books, journals, photographs, trade catalogs, and other items related to the iron and steel industry in Western Pennsylvania. Dating as far back as the 1800s, much of the collection is too fragile to handle. By saving Pittsburgh's steel and iron legacy materials in a digital format, the library can make them accessible locally and nationally to students and historians.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Children's and Teen staff have created a series of lesson plans based on this collection for teachers in Elementary, Middle School and High School classrooms. Each lesson plan is aligned with the current Pennsylvania State Board of Education Academic Standards. To download the lesson plans visit the links below. Learn more about our Pittsburgh Iron & Steel Heritage Collection by visiting


Air Pollution
Grade Level: 3-4
Content Area: Reading

Artistically Remembering Pittsburgh's Steel Heritage
Grade Level: 4-6
Content Area: Arts & Humanities and History

Grade Level: 4
Content Area: History and Writing


Middle School

Grade Level: 6
Content Area: Reading, Writing, History

Creative Writing
Grade Level: 7 -8
Content Area: Writing

Way of Life During Pittsburgh's Steel Industry


High School

Industrial China Compared to Industrial Pittsburgh
Grade Level: 12
Content Area: History

Math Using Historical Statistics from Pittsburgh's Steel Industry
Grade Level: 9-10
Content Area: Algebra

Grade Level: 10-11
Content Area: History, Geography, English