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Ensign Hugh J. Adams (1889-1919):

May 7, 2001.

Dear Hugh:
We have the following:

May 5, 1919- Ens. Hugh J. Adams (NA #657) and passenger Harold B. Corey CMM were killed in the crash of seaplane #1692 [sic] at NAS Rockaway Beach, N.Y. at 4:10 PM. Seaplane #1992 [sic]was a Curtiss HS-1.
Naval Aviator #657
Navy Serial 36534
Hugh Jacob Adams

Born in Pittsburgh, Pa. Feb. 5, 1889. High School and YMCA Classes in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Enr as Lands/QM at Pittsburgh, Pa. July 14, 17. MIT to Pensacola. Naval Aviator HTA and ENS at Pensa Jun. 28, 18. Rockaway. Died in service in line of duty as Ens. Killed on May 5, 19 in crash of flying boat at NAS Rockaway. Buried in Uniondale cemetery number 3, North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. Not married. Next of kin, Ralph J. Adams (b) 3732 Hiawatha St.
Pittsburgh 12, Pa. (navy) (CAS A 107)

Above reference taken from the book "Contact." Author Reginald Wright Arthur. This book should be available in public library systems. The book contains background on the flight training program of this aviator.
Ken Snyder
Emil Buehler Naval Aviation Library
National Museum of Naval Aviation

Courtesy Hugh E. Weber. Transcribed by Barry Chad.

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