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Ensign Hugh J. Adams (1889-1919):
Accounts of Hugh Adams' Death & Funeral

Clippings, letters & photographs from the Pennsylvania Department's Adams Collection.

  5 May 1919 "Ensign Meets Death at Naval Air Station"
  6 May 1919 "Pittsburgher Killed When Plane Falls"
  6 May 1919 "Pittsburg Flyer Falls to Death"
  6 May 1919  United States Glass Co. [Letter to Marion G. Bryce]
  6 May 1919  United States Glass Co. [Letter to Mr. & Mrs. James Adams]
  8 May 1919 "Aviator Hugh Adams Killed"
  9 May 1919 "Flyer's Body Brought Here for Burial"
  9 May 1919 "Aviator to be Buried Today"
10 May 1919 "Flowers and Honors of War Mark Obsequies of Aviator"

* Thumbnails: Hugh Adams' Death

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