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Ensign Hugh J. Adams (1889-1919):
Old Ninth Street Bridge

"Workmen Start Razing 80-Year-Old Landmark, Bridge at Ninth Street. Removal of Flooring Is First Step in Replacing of Structure as Ordered by War Department--Work on Seventh Street Span Advancing." The Gazette Times, 28 February 1925.

Pittsburgh's 80-year-old landmark, the Ninth Street Bridge yesterday began to pay the penalty of age when a corps of workmen relentlessly hacked away at the flooring in the preliminary stage of razing the old structure that connects downtown Pittsburgh and the North Side. At some later day, which at this time is quite uncertain, the county commissioners say, the old span will be replaced by a new modern type bridge, on orders of the War Department.

And while the Ninth Street Bridge is falling, the progress of the new new Seventh Street Bridge, which is under construction, becomes more marked. The fruits of labor appear in concrete form as the first pier on the north side of the river peeps out over the surface of the water from the caisson in which it is being built. After an inspection by county engineers, the announcement was made that the bridge probably will be completed in a little more than a year.

The old Ninth Street Bridge was built of a wooden superstructure in 1840 and was replaced in 1890 by a steel superstructure. Since then it served traffic until the War Department decided it should be replaced by a more modern span that would permit larger craft to pass under.

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