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Ensign Hugh J. Adams (1889-1919):

A brief chronology puts the life of Hugh J. Adams into an historical context.


1889 Hugh J. Adams born.
Western Pennsylvania Industrial Exposition initiated at The Point.
1890 Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny dedicated.
Ninth Street Bridge wooden superstructure replaced with steel.
Pittsburgh's Nellie Bly travels around the world in under 80 days.
1891 The first telephone line links Pittsburgh and New York.
1892 Homestead Steel Strike.
"After the Ball," sentimental popular song, by Charles K. Harris.
1894 Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) encampment in Pittsburgh.
1896 Samuel Pierpont Langley, once Professor of Astronomy and Physics at the Western University of Pennsylvania (now the University of Pittsburgh), successfully flies his aerdrome at a secluded spot on the Potomac.
1897 "Stars and Stripes Forever," march by John Philip Sousa.
1900 Population of Allegheny City 129,896.
1901 President William McKinley's funeral train passes through the City of Allegheny; residents place Indian-head pennies on the tracks to be flattened and kept as mementos.
United States Steel Corporation chartered.
1903 First successful powered flight of the Wright brothers, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
1904 Central Presbyterian Church dedicates new building, Allegheny City.
Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge completed.
"Come, Take a Trip in My Airship," popular song by Ren Shields and George Evans.
1905 Nickelodeon, first motion picture theater in the United States, opens in Pittsburgh.
"In My Merry Oldsmobile," popular song by Vincent P. Bryan and Gus Edwards.
1906 "Anchors Aweigh," popular song celebrating the U. S. Navy, by A. H. Miles, R. Lovell, and Charles A. Zimmerman.
1907 The City of Allegheny annexed by Pittsburgh. Afterwards known as the North Side.
1908 "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," celebrating the national pastime, by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer.
1909 Forbes Field opens. Leaving the North Side's Exposition Park, the Pirates begin play at their new ballpark on June 30; later in the year the Pirates win the World Series against the Detroit Tigers.
1910 Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall dedicated.
1912 "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling," perennially popular song by Chauncey Olcott, George Graff, Jr, and Ernest R. Ball.
1913 "Leviathan" begins service as the "Vaterland" for the Hamburg-American line; serves as United States troopship during World War I.
1914 Outbreak of World War I, "The Great War."
1916 President Woodrow Wilson speaks in Pittsburgh, urges "preparedness."
1917 United States enters the war, April 6.
Hugh Adams enlists in Navy, July.
Pittsburgh raises $63,000,000 in the first Liberty Loan.
"Over There," rousing World War I song, by George M. Cohan.
1918 German submarine scare off the Atlantic. Hugh Adams sees active guard duty; for this service he is awarded the overseas chevron.
Armistice, November 11.
President Wilson sets sail for the European Peace Conference, December 4.
Influenza epidemic.
1919 Hugh Adams killed in airplane crash, May 5.
Treaty of Versailles signed, June 28.
This year also sees the deaths of prominent Pittsburghers Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick and H. J. Heinz.
1920 F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes his enormous bestseller This Side of Paradise.
America enters the "Roaring Twenties."
1927 Charles Lindbergh flies the Atlantic solo.

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