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Holy Family Institute

Established - 1900
Closed -
1st site - 201-263 Ohio River Blvd.
2nd site - 201-257 Beaver Avenue
3rd site - 8235 Ohio River Blvd. (Emsworth)
Also Known As:
Orphan Asylum of the Holy Family (1904)
Holy Family Institute (Jan. 29, 1931)
Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
Sponsoring Agency:
Originally for Polish children deprived of their natural protection and supported by the Polish congregations of the diocese.
Formally incorporated Dec. 7, 1904 as the Orphan Asylum of the Holy Family.
Merged with St. Paul's Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum in 1965.
There was a fire in 1984; some records burned.
The Institute now focuses on community-based and educational outreach services.
Location of Records:
Holy Family Institute, 8235 Ohio River Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15202; 412-766-4030.
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Holy Family Institute, 1953

Holy Family Institute, 1953