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For Further Reading: 1941-1944

"'Blackout Night' To Be Studied by Army Men Here."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 17 April 1941.

"What To Do in Tonight's Blackout."

The Pittsburgh Press, 18 April 1941.

"Blackout Oddities."

The Pittsburgh Press, 19 April 1941.

"Advice Given Against Overdoing Blackout:

Mellon Institute Fellow Suggests
Room with Fewest Windows for Family Refuge:
Helpful Hints for Householder."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4 February 1942.

"Forget Blackouts!

Taped Windows Would Undermine Pittsburgh's Morale
And Fit Hitler's Plans, Expert Believes."
The Pittsburgh Press, 4 February 1942.

"Manual for Air Raid Wardens:

The Plan of the Allegheny County Council of Defense for Training
the Air Raid Warden Service Personnel in Allegheny County."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6 February 1942.

"Director of County's ARW's Trains 12,000--On Own Time:

Know Your Air Raid Warden."
The Pittsburgh Press, 23 March 1942.

"City's Park Chief Directs Wardens in Central Area:

Know Your Air Raid Warden."
The Pittsburgh Press, 24 March 1942.

"Blackout Is Scheduled for County on June 25:

16 Western Pennsylvania Counties To Take Part in Test;
Homes Dark All Night:
Half Hour of Total Darkness."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4 June 1942.

"'Raid' Conditions to Prevail Here in Blackout Test."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 8 June 1942.

"County May Test 'Pattern Blackout.'"

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 11 June 1942.

"All Traffic Must Stop in Blackout:

State, Community and Auxiliary Police To Enforce Order."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 15 June 1942.

"Steel Plant Blackout Studied from Planes:

Carnegie-Illinois Officials Developing Program Aimed At Complete Success:
Eliminating Fiery Beacons Big Problem."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 24 June 1942.

"Dimout and Blackout Rules for Tonight:

Official Instructions Given."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 25 June 1942.

"City Blackout Best in State, Official Says:

Lights Doused Quickly As Sirens Signal Half-Hour Practice."
John Troan.
The Pittsburgh Press, 26 June 1942.

"Blackout Heads Laud City's Unity:

Almost Perfect Results Obtained;
Some Violators Fined $100 Each."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 27 June 1942.

"Stores Fined for Blackout Violations:

Pair Who Defied Warden Also Given Stiff Sentences in Police Court."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 30 June 1942.

"Blackout Rules To Be Enforced:

All Air Raid Wardens Will Be Watching for Violations."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 21 July 1942.

"Official Blackout Rules."

The Pittsburgh Press, 22 July 1942.

"Downtown Canyons Drippingly Gloomy."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 23 July 1942.

"'Neighborhood Courts' To Review Blackout Violations in County."

Pittsburgh Sunday Sun-Telegraph, 16 August 1942.

"Great Black Cloak Flung Over Hills As Sirens Howl:

Brilliant Lights Vanish, Moving Pattern of Traffic Halts in Few Minutes;
Defense Leaders Satisfied."
Gilbert Love.
The Pittsburgh Press, 19 August 1942.

"At Least 124 Face Arrest As Blackout Violators."

The Pittsburgh Press, 19 August 1942.

"Day Air Raid Drill Rumors Sweep City:

Downtown Stores, Bars Work Overtime
To Prepare for Test That Doesn't Happen:
Parley Held To Set Actual Date."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 20 August 1942.

"Violators Face Special Court:

Session Set for Monday in Blackout Cases."
The Pittsburgh Press, 27 August 1942.

"City Blackout Court Starts Trials Tonight:

165 To Answer Alleged Violations of Aug. 18 Test."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 31 August 1942.

"3 Violators Freed with Warning:

Man Forfeits $100 Bond; Court Slates 2 More Sessions."
Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 1 September 1942.

"25 Fined $25 Each in Blackout Court:

Violators in Aug. 18 Surprise Test Escape Lightly in New Tribunal:
Two More Freed with Warning."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1 September 1942.

"City, County Black Out in Surprise Air Raid Test:

Recruits March Away in Darkness,
Unable To Bid Goodbye to Families and Friends
Sirens Still Not in Operation."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 27 October 1942.

"Air Raid Test Hits Saturday Night Crowds:

Alarms Drive Throngs in City, Smaller Towns into Shelters."
The Pittsburgh Press, 29 November 1942.

"Confusion over Blackout Rules:

Army Regulations Need Clarification, Says Ross Leffler:
Public Cooperation 'Very Good,' Chairman Says."
Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 5 March 1943.

"Lights on Too Soon in Surprise Blackout."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 27 March 1943.

"Blackout Drill Shows Confusion:

Many Motorists, Downtown Firms Reveal Ignorance of New System."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 27 March 1943.

"Blackout Successful 'Generally' in County:

Regulations Carried Out As Ordered in Most Places Despite Surprise Angle:
Whole State in Darkness."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 15 April 1943.

"Two Alerts in 12 Hours Confuse City:

Response Good in Daylight Drill But Blackout Is Inadequate."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7 May 1943.

"Few Violate Blackout in District:

Pleasure Drive Ban Cuts Congestion in City Traffic, Officials Report."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 24 May 1943.

"Defense Workers 'Disgusted' over Raid Test Mixup."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 26 July 1943.

"All Officials Deny Muddling of Blackout:

OCD Officials Insist Alert in Storm Emergency
Was Beyond Their Control:
Could Have Been Cancelled, Army Says."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 29 July 1943.

"Latest Blackout Called Best on Record Here:

First Statewide Night Alert Since July
Well Handled in District, Officials Say."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 28 September 1943.

"Practice Blackouts in State Banned Except on Army Call:

State Defense Council Acts Quickly on Allegheny County's
Suggestion That 'Surprises' Be Eliminated."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 15 October 1943.

"Blackout Test Held Success:

Army Omits First Warning 'Yellow' Signal;
OCD Set for Drill Tonight."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 15 December 1943.

"Surprise Blackout Sprung, But CD Shows It's on Job:

2 Persons Die, 4 Hurt in Test Just Before Midnight."
The Pittsburgh Press, 12 January 1944.

"Few Violations Noted Here in Air Raid Test:

Late Signal Causes Confusion in McKeesport;
State-Wide Drill Is Called by Army:
First Blackout in Three Months."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 14 April 1944.

"All Blackouts Seen Ended in District."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 12 September 1944.

"Blackouts Here Discontinued."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 9 November 1944.

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