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Dimout Lifted

Scanned photo of Duquesne Light ad.

Caption: Dimout Lifted. Effective Immediately by order of War Production Board.
Electricity May Now Be Used for Lighting Outdoor Signboards, Marquees, Show Windows--and Other Types of Ornamental and Display Lighting.
With the advent of V-E Day, restrictions imposed by the War Production Board on the use of Electricity for outdoor ornamental and display lighting are no longer effective.
Theaters, stores, restaurants, hotels, shops, and other commercial establishments as well as outdoor advertisers, may now use electricity without restriction. With the lifting of the dimout, there are again no limitations whatever on the use of electricity.
Duquesne Light Company.
Notes: Copy of advertisement in scrap book, Pennsylvania Department, qr974.886 C12p.
From The Pittsburgh Press 9 May 1945.
Date: 9 May 1945.
Heading: Pittsburgh. Wars. World War II.
#: A816.
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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