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Takedown by Allison Van Diepen.




Takedown by Allison Van Diepen.

Darren took the fall for Diamond Tony after the cops busted a huge drug deal. He didn’t tell the police who the kingpin was because that’s the code—no snitching, even if it means two years in juvie. Now, two years later, Darren’s out. He’s back living with his mom, sister, and little brother who he loves more than anything in the world. He’s doing well in high school, and he’s even getting close with the girl of his dreams!

Yet Darren is dealing drugs again. He’s gotten back in with Diamond Tony’s gang and is quickly moving up the ranks. The other dealers respect Darren for not snitching and even coming back after what happened. His friends wonder why Darren is back to selling drugs again—though his mom doesn’t hesitate to take the money he offers her each week.

By all appearances, Darren is about to become a trusted executive in Diamond Tony’s drug ring. Yet Darren has a secret: he’s working with the police to bring Tony down. Darren knows he’s playing with fire, but he won’t stop until he brings Tony down—or dies trying.

Reviewed by Amy, CLP-Lawrenceville


Fake ID by Lamar Giles


fake id

Fake ID by Lamar Giles

     When Nick Pearson shows up in the tiny town of Stephon, Virginia, not of his own accord, a chain of events that coincide with his family’s arrival began to happen.  It started out pretty normal, Boy eyes Jock’s girlfriend and promptly receives his welcome to the New High School in the form of a beat down.  Eli rescues Nick from a pretty terrible start by befriending him.  As it turns out Zak the jock’s girlfriend is Eli’s sister, Reya.  Nick finds his new best buddy of a week dead in the journalism room with his wrists cut; an apparent suicide. But even though he hasn’t known Eli long, he knows there is more to the story than his friend’s “suicide”.  Eli was working on a project that he called Whispertown.

Eli was going to let Nick in on the secrets. It is hard to tell secrets when you’re dead, but, not impossible.  Eli left evidence and Nick seemingly is the only one who can put the puzzle pieces together.  He doesn’t know who to trust and, no one in the town trusts anyone.  The dead boy is hiding secrets, the town mayor is a crook and Nick’s father is up to his ears in trouble.  Nick is not even Nick. In fact, his name is Tony Bordeaux. He and his family are in the WitSec program.  WitSec is similar to Witness Protection Program.  Tony’s father has blown it so much that this is their last placement.  It happens to be their fourth location and his federal agent, Bertram, has assured him, the Feds will no longer assist them if there is any more trouble. ‘Nick’ has a dead student; a flash drive full of evidence and a father who can’t seem to stay out of trouble and that’s not even the half of it.  Read FAKE ID by Lamar Giles if you want an adrenaline rushed Read.


Reviewed by Andrea, CLP-Homewood

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