Make Waves Summer Reading

The Teen Summer Reading Program is over for this year but you can still Make Waves at Your Library with these books. The titles on these lists are all about making waves in different ways: throughout history, in your community, in real life, and more. If you're looking for a great book to read about teens making wave on the ocean or making waves through activism, these lists are a good place to start.

Crime Wave: Mysteries and Suspense
Whether wrongfully accused or trying to uncover dark secrets, the characters in these stories are dealing with a heavy tide of tragic circumstances and mysterious crimes.
Magical Mists: Fantasy Fiction
Pirates, Vampires, King Arthur, and Fairy Queens all may appear through the mists of these mystical stories. Will the princess regain her throne? Will Arthur claim his rightful place? Journey into these magical lands to know their fates.
Ocean Waves: Ocean Disasters, Hurricanes and Tsunamis
The sea can be as dangerous as it can be beautiful, especially when deadly weather becomes involved. These are stories of harrowing survival in the worst circumstances mother nature can dish out.
Waves of Time: Historical Fiction
Pirates and mariners alike discover the dangers of trans-Atlantic travel in these tales of historical fiction. From the time of Columbus to the nineteenth century, become a stowaway and make your way across the salty sea from within the pages of a book.
Making Waves: Activism
In these true to life stories and engaging how-to books, you can read about all the ways to fight for your cause and to make a ripple of action into a tsunami of activism.
Life Sustaining: Realistic Fiction
These stories focus on characters who are drifting, lost in seas of change. Whether dealing with friends, family, or memories of the past, they must swim for shore, literally or metaphorically, to find solid ground again.
Surfs Up! Books About Sports
Here are some riveting real life stories about the history of surfing and skateboarding, the rise of sports legends, and the hard science involved in curve balls and making goals.
Deep and Dark: Horror and the Supernatural
Deep pools or shallow puddles will all reflect the same, yet in these stories of supernatural horror the images we see can be dark and disturbing. Dreams, mysteries, and secrets lurk in the depths of dark waters, read on to see what they become in the light of day.